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Blazer Buttons and Cufflinks

We will hand engrave dies of unparalleled accuracy in order to stamp buttons, in the metal of your choice, including 24KT gold plate over brass, 14KT gold, 14KT gold filled or Sterling silver. The same die used to produce the blazer buttons can also be used to strike cufflinks, tie tacks, lapel pins or formal wear sets with matching studs.

Color, where desired, is achieved by the art of cloisonné — a process in which finely ground colored glass is applied between metal wires one color at a time and then individually fired to ensure fidelity. Then the jewelry is either polished or plated, depending upon the metal, to assure its ability to survive the dry cleaning process.

Blazer Buttons and Cufflinks

Blazer Buttons

Blazer Buttons and Cufflinks
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