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  Tie Knots
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Ascot Bow Tie Cross Knot Four-in-Hand Half-Windsor Windsor Prince Albert Small Knot
Bow Tie 1
Adjust the bow tie to the right size before putting it around your neck. The left side should be slightly longer.
Bow Tie 2
Move the left end over the right so that both ends cross at the narrow area behind the oval curve.
Bow Tie 3
Take the left end through the loop now surrounding your neck, and pull both ends to make a loose, simple knot.
Bow Tie 4
Place what started out as the right end of the ascot precisely over what started out as the left end and is now underneath.
Bow Tie 5
Now pass the right end around the folded left end of the bow – pulling it back up to the top of the knot. You now have a loop.
Bow Tie 6
Take the right end and fold it as you pass it to the left through the loop you have made. Push the folded right end far enough through to stay in place.
Bow Tie 7
Hold the bow at both folded ends and pull carefully. This tightens the knot.
Bow Tie 8
Adjust the bow by taking both ends, folded and unfolded, and carefully pulling until the bow is firmly tied.


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