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Tie Knots
  Tie Knots
History of the Tie
  of the Tie
Fabric Design
Ascot Bow Tie Cross Knot Four-in-Hand Half-Windsor Windsor Prince Albert Small Knot
Half-Windsor 1
Start with the broad end hanging further down on the right. Pass the broad end over the narrower end.
Half-Windsor 2
Pass the broad end under the narrow end.
Half-Windsor 3
Then pull the broad end over the knot and down toward your body through the loop that has been formed.
Half-Windsor 4
Now take the broad end and pass it around the half knot.
Half-Windsor 5
Pass the broad end up from below and behind the knot and through the loop around your neck.
Half-Windsor 6
Pull the broad end underneath the outer layer of the knot.
Half-Windsor 7
Carefully adjust the knot, holding it gently and pulling the narrower end.
Half-Windsor 8
The broader end of the necktie should now hang down further than the narrow end.
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