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Left Quote I am writing to thank you again for your efforts in creating my now-infamous pocket-less Oxford. I am recently engaged, and will be wearing this shirt in our engagement photos at the end of June. I had just about given up hope of finding such an item when I happened upon your store. The lengths to which you, Mimi, and your seamstress went to meet my specification rank among the best customer service I have ever experienced. And the shirt is absolutely beautiful! Ben Silver has instantly earned my respect and my future business. I was an absolute pleasure to meet you, and I look forward to visiting the store the next time I am in Charleston. Thankfully, there's mail order until then! Right Quote


Left Quote What a delight it is to do business with the Ben Silver organization. So many products and services today are of such low quality or shoddy workmanship or I require an endless hassle to get satisfaction that I will remember your firm as a model of good business and superb workmanship. No doubt that is a measure of your leadership and integrity as business people.Right Quote

-R.B.Z., New York

Left Quote It must be said that I have greatly enjoyed your lovely catalogs. You seem to have found clothing models who have learned both to tuck in their shittails and to shave. This is hardly ever seen any more. The clothing and accessories you offer are nothing short of sumptuous and your woolen goods are exquisite and often unique. I have not seen such beautiful goods in a long time.Right Quote


Left Quote May I express my considerable appreciation for your handsome clothing catalog and the amazing talent of the person who co-ordinated the color and texture of the ensembles found on your pages? Genius!.Right Quote


Left Quote Thank you for taking the time with us in your store. Rarely does one run into someone as courteous as you were in a store, whether they are the owner or not. I appreciate you sharing with us the stories of your experiences in fixing up your house. We were glad to have seen it on our Wednesday tour. You certainly should feel proud in what you have done, it is lovely.Right Quote

-R.B.J., Pennsylvania

Left Quote Just a short note to let you know how much we enjoyed our visit to your store. We have been visiting Charleston for years and I have wanted to see your store often; I finally made it. I am thoroughly enjoying the ties that I bought. You have a great store, best wishes.Right Quote

-D.A.S., Georgia

Left Quote I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased we are with the cuff links for the Bryn Mawr. They are beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to insure our satisfaction.Right Quote

-C.A.F., Ohio

Left Quote I have received both ties ordered and am quite pleased. Thank you for giving the public the opportunity to acquire a quality product.Right Quote

-W.M.O., Arkansas

Left Quote While I seldom send emails I have been so entirely, and unusually impressed with your company that I am compelled to send you this short message. Your catalog is outstanding and the quality of the service I have received over the phone is truely professional. On each occasion that I have called, the telephone operator has been knowledgeable, entirely courteous and with a (rare these days) sense of humor. Each of the four ties I have purchased has surpassed my expectations for quality, and in particular the large houndstooth black and white check tie is just fantasic.Right Quote

-R.S., Indiana

Left Quote On a friday in September I called you at a rather late business hour concerning the purchase of a pair of cufflinks. I had a wedding rehearsal dinner to attend that night and I had forgotten mine. I was a visitor of Charleston and felt that I was hopeless in obtaining a pair of cufflinks at that hour. However after speaking with you on the phone, and making the purchase; I felt like I was one of your most loyal customers. I just wanted to write this note thanking you for your courtesy and professionalism.Right Quote

-W.S.P., South Carolina

Left Quote I love Ben Silver. It is a rare and wonderful thing in today's world to be treated so well by a clothier,and, at the end of the day, receive a personalized letter from an actual human being. I sincerely appreciate your efforts and courtesy.Right Quote

-T.M.G., Florida

Left Quote Coming across your store was the highlight of my visit to Charleston. After reviewing your catalog, I thought of a friend of mine who would be delighted to receive it.Right Quote

-M.G., New York

Left Quote I happened to see your catalog in a doctor's office, and found it to be the very best one of its kind that I, for one, have ever seen.Right Quote

-P.S., New York

Left Quote Several weeks ago my wife and I were in Charleston and I purchased a black silk bow tie and a striped tie from your store on King Street. The bow tie is cut properly and ties well, and I am very happy to hae found a source for 3 1/4 inch neckties. I wanted to write a short note to express my appreciation for your merchandising and for the courteous and professional manner in which we were treated.Right Quote

-W.A.H., North Carolina

Left Quote Please accept my gratitude for the ties which were recently delivered. It is not only the substance and feel of the silk, the high quality detail work on the crested ties which make them so distinct; but the construction of the tie which is so impressive. Such quality construction not only produces a nicely worked knot, but also gives the silk a wrinkle resistance,which is a difficult combination to achieve. Such solid body and inner construction in a tie not only provides a more wrinkle resistant tie, but gives the neckwear a longer life. This demonstrates that a cheap tie is never a bargain, as a tie made to your fine standards of quality can be confidently worn for many years longer than its cheaply made cousin.Right Quote

-C.A.K., Texas

Left Quote Thanks for sending my English eyeglasses frames so quickly...They are very very nice and everyone is impressed with them. Something not seen, good for you to have items not found elsewhere. Could not be more satisfied.Right Quote


Left Quote I've ordered ties from you in the past and I've ordered several right now that I have received. One is on back order. Just want to tell you again, the quality of your merchandise is outstanding. The Christmas ties are absolutely unbelievable. I just want you to know that I really appreciate the quality of the goods that you sell.Right Quote


Left Quote We thought you would enjoy learning how two of your dedicated customers were aquired. In April 1997 my family visited Charleston. To that time, my son (John) age 7 refused to wear a tie. To encourage his dressing style, I asked him to accompany me to Ben Silver, where he was offered the choice of any tie in the store. John chose two wonderful "bow" ties, one for him and one for me! Since then, we have been a regular pair whenever dressing in tie and jackets-sporting our bow ties with style and flair.Right Quote

-M.M.P., New Jersey

Left Quote Although I have not had the pleasure of visiting your store in Charleston, I feel I have had the opportunity to learn quite a bit about Ben Silver through the excellent catalogs I receive in the mail. And I must say your offerings are of exceptional quality, and reasonably priced. Keep sending the catalogs, do not under and circumstances let the high quality slip, and keep prices in touch with reality. You will certainly receive more orders from me in the future.Right Quote

-J.P.S., Texas

Left Quote I just received the tie I ordered from you and was absolutely stunned over its beauty! I have always been a huge fan of your ties and have purchased and received as gifts many of your attractive ties. But I would argue the color combination and width of the stripes (your suggestion) makes this tie THE most attractive in the entire Ben Silver collection.Right Quote

-P.G., North Carolina

Left Quote Just received your catalog. Finest most superb collection, presented magnificently. I'm a retired carriage trade men's clothing salesman. Fantastic front cover.Right Quote

-Anonymous, New York

Left Quote For several years, I have looked for a shearling coat that looked exactly right. This fall I saw yours. My wife gave one to me for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I have recieved more compliments about it than you can imagine. It feels wonderful and fits perfectly. I have been a customer for years and hope to remain so for a long time to come.Right Quote


Left Quote I want to thank you for my special order for your fine seersucker suit. The suit was an almost perfect fit. Please thank your staff for their patience with my many phone calls with reference to this order.Right Quote

-M.T.R., Mississippi

Left Quote Had the opportunity to shop at Ben Silver in Charleston. Bob Prenner waited on me and despite the fact I was only buying a couple of ties, he was charming, gracious, gave me lots of his time and engaged in wonderful conversation about his business and Charleston. Try getting that experice from a clerk at Brooks Brothers or (heaven forbid) J Crew...Right Quote

-Mazama, Online

Left Quote I love the fact that men's fashion is coming around again. Ben Silver is a fashion icon.Right Quote

-G.E.M., Online

Left Quote I think there's a real life difference between Ben Silver and the other "mainstay" retailers. I think Mr. Prenner (assuming he's the buyer) has a far more discerning eye than, say, the J. Press or the Brooks buyers. The tie collection-and not just the repps-is the best I've seen anywhere. Same for trousers (with or without pleats).Right Quote

-A.E.W. Mason, Online

Left Quote Take it from a true Charlestonian, Ben Silver is nothing less than a paragon of sartorial virtue. This iconic Charleston men's shop has one of the finest assembled collections of menswear and accessories to be found anywhere, many pieces represent the very best of their type.Right Quote

-Scotch & Soda, Online

Left Quote Always a pleasure patronizing Ben Silver. I tell all my colleagues and friends here in New York about the traditional style, tasteful execution, and superior quality of Ben Silver products and welcome ease and joy of dealing with the Ben Silver staff. They wish you were here. I tell them I hope you stay just where you are as it seems that any men’s clothier that decides to try New York, no matter how traditional or quality-minded, eventually surrenders to the lure of dumping tradition, becoming fashion-forward, slimming down everything, substituting glitzy advertising for quality, and making the bottom line master of all they once did so beautifully.Right Quote

-M.C., Online

Left Quote I love the new web site, it's a long time coming, and much easier to navigate.Right Quote

-K.A., Maryland

Left Quote Your customer service is always outstanding, and the products you sell are of such a quality that will bring pleasure for many years of use.Right Quote

-J.D., Online

Left Quote I visited your store in Charleston while attending my Nephew's Wedding. I loved it. The service there was top notch - the Men's Store is a format in decline - keep up the tradition.Right Quote

-J.D., Online

Left Quote Ben Silver is, in my opinion, a kind of national replacement for the thousands of small men's shops that have disappeared from upper middle class communities across the United States...Right Quote

-J.D., Online

Left Quote I won’t ever be your biggest customer, but I’ll always be your most loyal one. The quality of everything I’ve ordered from you is just superb! The service you provide both catalog and “in store” customers is second to none.Right Quote

-J.D., Online

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