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Flysafe Travel Socks

Flysafe Travel Socks
Flysafe Travel Socks
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Travel Socks
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These above the calf compression socks look like ordinary socks, but perform an important task that no ordinary sock can do – they cut the risk of deep vein thrombosis in long flights, and significantly reduce ankle and leg swelling in air travel. Deep vein thrombosis is a blood clot, usually in the leg, which develops when movement is restricted, and can be fatal if it reaches the lungs or brain. The cotton socks are comfortable, even cozy, and as easily worn by women as men. Buy two pairs – one going and one returning. Available in A, black; B, ecru; D, navy; E, charccoal. Sizes S, M, L.


Sock Sizing
When in doubt about size, it is always best to wear a slightly larger size rather than a smaller size.

Shoe Size Sock Size
7-8 11 or M
9 11½ or M
10 12 or L
11 12½ or L
12 13 or L

This chart does not apply to WAL/WALS and SCSX, please see the detail tab for sizing info.
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