All About Ties

No tie? Don’t think you need one in today’s business climate? Don’t fool yourself! A man with an elegant but understated necktie is seen as well dressed.

A necktie is the cord that ties together the look of a gentleman: it brings attention to the face, elongates the torso, and closes the mindless gap between the lapels of an otherwise boring business suit. For men with distinctive style, the color of the necktie adds harmony to a patterned sport coat, however subtle the plaid or check.

Your tie - its colors, pattern, and shape – is a singularly direct way to announce your taste and style to the rest of the world. Whether you choose from our classic stripes, our printed “neats” or paisleys, or our solid colors in silk, or wool or linen, your tie should be woven or printed on the finest materials, in a color palette that speaks of understated elegance. Tie your tie so that there is no collar space showing at the knot. Be sure that the tip of the tie ends at your belt, not above it. Create the essential and stylish “dimple” under the knot. You are set to meet the world at your best!

Enjoy wearing a necktie, and distinguish yourself in classic style!