Crafted by Hand... from the finest materials

OUR NECKWEAR is made entirely by hand in our English workrooms. The cutting, sewing and the finishing are all done by hand. Each of our ties is cut on the bias by an artisan into 3 pieces the back, the front, and the neck allowing the tie to conform to the neck. A stitch, called a bar tack, is also applied by hand, and joins the two sides on the back. Our ties have a slipstitch, whose end, knotted can be found loose under the bar tacked area. This stitch gives resilience to the tie and assures that it will fall our to return to its original shape when hung in your closet.

All our ties are lined in the proper weight to produce a perfectly dimpled knot that sits high in the collar and leaves no space between the shirt and the tie. Our neckties are cut from the finest materials - generally pure English or Italian silk, but occasionally Scottish cashmere or wool, or Irish linen. You can feel the luxuriousness of the fabric in the "hand" of the tie, whether woven or printed.