Woven Neckwear

Neckwear in summer is often woven on cotton or linen wraps (Mogador neckties, as they are called, are named after the cottons found in Mogadishu), and in winter can be cut from softest cashmere. In general, fine neckwear is cut from pure English or Italian silk, either woven or printed.

Woven neckwear is capable of great complexity and subtlety. In every weave, wrap yarns and weft yarns are interlaced to produce the fabric. Wrap threads run lengthwise on a loom, part elevated, part lower. The space between the two levels is threaded with the filling, or weft, by a shuttle. The shuttle connects to the bobbin, which holds the thread. When the shuttle reaches the opposite end, the warp threads are reversed: the lower ones are raised, and the higher ones are lowered. Then the shuttle returns in the opposite direction, weaving and filling another row.