Woven Neckwear

Of the many ways to weave, fine repp silk is perhaps the most recognized. In this weave, the diagonal ribs, which are are very tightly woven, produce intense color and crispness. The repp silk striped necktie, in brilliant color, makes a statement of boldness within traditional bounds. Always at home with a blazer, it is equally attractive with a business suit during the day, and sets off every shirt collar.

Faille silk has an extremely fine rib. Ottoman silks are woven with a higher surface "float" and have a wider and deeper rib. Grenadine appears like a thin silk gauze and is very sheer - a bit like a knit with its loose weave of twisted yarns. Twill silk is woven with diagonal ribs. With a normal 45-degree cutting, twill and faille will show as either horizontal or vertical depending upon the pattern of the cutting, while ottoman and repp appear to have diagonal ribs.