Woven Neckwear

Solid ties can be either woven or printed, and when woven, they can be in a range of weaves from faille to ottoman. All offer an understated, elegant altervative and are especially appropriate with a strongly patterned shirting fabric.

Classic silk patterns include traditional Macclesfield or Spitalsfield designs, often in small geometric figures giving the effect of marquetry on the tie. Houndstooths and shepherd checks, basketweaves and neats with elegant settings are all classic wovens.

Crested neckwear is wonderful with a striped or check shirt as well. It is elegant with a plaid jacket. Crested ties are entirely under-utilized in most men's wardrobes. Many crests are on dark grounds of navy or black and the motif stands out handsomely. Others are on brilliant fields of color, and the tie can be seen as taking the place of a solid.