Printed Neckwear

Printed Neckwear is elegant and sophisticated, especially when the printed silk is a luxurious 50-ounce twill, which drapes elegantly. We pride ourselves on a wide selection of tasteful and brilliantly colored traditional paisley and clover patterns. Paisley's dominant motif takes the form of drops or tears, with a history going back thousands of years to Babylonian times, when it was a stylized variation on the shape of young shoots of the date palm (a fertility symbol in ancient days). This symbol continued throughout Indo-European culture, finding its way to England where Indian woven shawls were so fashionable that mills were established to weave them in Paisley, Scotland.

Printing is accomplished by either application or discharge of ink on screens with the design of the silk. Complex and richly colored patterns can be achieved with application printing - an addictive process where each color is individually applied with seperate screens - with as many as eight colors in exact registration. In the discharge print process, colors are subtracted from a previously dyed silk.