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We invite you to enjoy this Preview of the coming season’s clothing, a new range of classically styled jackets, suits, shirting fabrics, neckwear and furnishings. The apparel featured in this Preview will be timeless additions to your wardrobe in time for the cool crisp days of autumn ahead.

Our 2019 Spring Eyewear Catalog offers a collection of the very finest and most classic eyeglass frames, all equally refined, and handmade for us by the most renowned makers in the U.S., Britain, France, Italy and Germany.

We are delighted to present our Spring 2019 Shoe Collection with the finest benchmade shoes from England, Italy, Austria, Belgium and America, produced exclusively for Ben Silver by makers renowned for quality in both workmanship and materials.

We are delighted to present this unique catalog, which is devoted entirely to Authentic Regimental Neckwear. You will find more to choose from here than in our regular full range clothing and accessories catalog.
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