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Winter may have us in its grip, but we are all looking forward to resuming a normal life during the coming months. As we return to our normal lives, we can enjoy wearing the investment clothing that Ben Silver Classic Style represents. You can be assured you will continue to find the quality in materials, and the artisan craftsmanship in execution that you have grown to expect from us, as well as the courteous and knowledgeable service of our experienced staff.

Our Fall 2019 Eyewear Catalog offers a unique collection of the very finest and most classic eyeglass frames, all equally refined, and handmade for us by the most renowned makers in the U.S., Britain, France, Italy, Canada and Germany.

Our latest collection of the finest benchmade shoes from England, Italy, Austria, Australia and America, produced exclusively for Ben Silver by makers renowned for quality in both workmanship and materials. We complement our selection of fine shoes with a wonderful range of knitted socks, as well as fine leather goods.

We are delighted to present this unique catalog, which is devoted entirely to Authentic Regimental Neckwear. You will find more to choose from here than in our regular full range clothing and accessories catalog.
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