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We could not have anticipated these unprecedented times in early 2020, as we were preparing our Fall Collection of classic clothing and accessories. With this new reality in mind, and yet true to our timeless taste, we will respond to the current situation, and now offer a versatile collection for fall, providing a variety of comfortable, though elegant, classics, along with a collection of tailored apparel you can enjoy when the time is right – for some now, and for others, hopefully soon.

Our Fall 2019 Eyewear Catalog offers a unique collection of the very finest and most classic eyeglass frames, all equally refined, and handmade for us by the most renowned makers in the U.S., Britain, France, Italy, Canada and Germany.

We are delighted to present our latest collection of the finest benchmade shoes from England, Italy, Austria, Australia and America, produced exclusively for Ben Silver by makers renowned for quality in both workmanship and materials.

We are delighted to present this unique catalog, which is devoted entirely to Authentic Regimental Neckwear. You will find more to choose from here than in our regular full range clothing and accessories catalog.
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