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Gift Card Special-Limited Time Offer

Gift Card Special-Limited Time Offer
Gift Card Special-Limited Time Offer
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Gift Card Special-Limited Time Offer
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... $200.00 - $525.00


Your purchase of a Ben Silver Gift Card at a one-time reduced price will save you money, and help us to sustain our staff at full salary and with full health benefits through the difficult days ahead.

Therefore, we are offering our customers the opportunity to purchase an enticingly discounted gift card which can be used against purchases in our soon to be in home Spring Collection Catalog and beyond.

Frankly, our new Spring Catalog is one of the finest we have ever created, and contains a wonderful selection of handsome new jackets, suits, sweaters, shirts, neckwear, trousers, and all the accessories you expect to see in our catalogs, year after year.

Given the difficult times, we are hoping that we can give you an even greater incentive to purchase by offering these gifts cards, for yourself, or in plenty of time for a Father’s Day gift:

$250 – spend $200 for this card – Code=CARDD-250D
$500 – spend $375 for this card – Code=CARDD-500D
$750 – spend $525 for this card – Code=CARDD-750D

Yes, it is a deal that is good for you, and your participation will help us to continue to keep our staff fully paid and insured.

Please make sure to enter a gift message during checkout if you would like the card sent directly to a gift recipient.
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