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Lambswool Flannel Trousers

Lambswool Flannel Trousers
Lambswool Flannel Trousers
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Lambswool Flannel Plain Front
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... originally $265.00, now $132.50


Our lambswool flannel trousers, ideal for weekends and casual wear, lined to the knee in the front only, with a lined crotch for added comfort, and split waistband for easy alteration, are available in unique colors reflecting the mélange colors achieved only with lambswool. Cut in both HRLF-forward pleat and HRLP-plain front. Sizes 32-44 even, and 33-39 odd. Shown from top to bottom: E-oatmeal; C-moss; B-Earth brown; A-light grey; D-dark grey. Available in HRLF-forward pleat; HRLP-plain front.


Standard Trouser Sizes

Rise 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 42 44

*Short and long rise are standard for our Ben Silver English Drills and Brooklyn Britches Khakis only. Sometimes short and long rises are available for our seasonal selections, please inquire with customer service.

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