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R04- The Buffs

R04- The Buffs
R04- The Buffs
R04- The Buffs
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(Royal East Kent Regiment, 3rd Foot). Raised 1665 from the banded Companies from Dutch wars. Amalgamated c. 1960 with The Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment. (Apricot, navy blue)


Necktie Care

Carefully untie your tie when you remove it. It should come off the same way it went on, in reverse. Pulling the knot loose will tear the neckpiece, the third part of the tie construction. Hang it in your closet, unless it is a knit, which you should roll. A silk tie will lose its wrinkles if it is given rest in your closet and the help of gravity. Ties cannot be dry-cleaned, cannot be washed, and cannot be pressed. Either cover your tie when you eat, or prepare to replace it when it is soiled.

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