Our Authentic British Regimental necktie collection is the largest in the world. These brightly colored striped neckties originated with the purpose of showing the wearer's academic, professional or social affiliations. When Britannia ruled the world, these neckties were symbols of exclusivity recognized by those in the same social milieu, and they became the hallmark of classic style and good taste. Each historic necktie pattern is unique in its design, color and affiliation. The requisite "repp" silk is woven in England to our demanding specifications, then cut and made by hand and slip-stitched. We use the very finest quality woven silk, with a high number of piques per inch, which is what accounts for the vibrancy of the color, and the hand of the silk. For a complete selection, go to our website, or request a copy of our 52-page British Regimental Necktie Catalog.