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Your clothing says a lot about you. The matching of a shirt and tie, the color of your socks, to the finish of your trousers, these small pieces all put together show off your personality and style to the world. Putting single items of clothing together to make the perfect ensemble can sometimes be a daunting task. Over the years, we have received numerous questions ranging from the correct way to tie a tie to finding the right pair of shoes for a suit. Here we have collected a few of these questions along with our answers to help you become more familiar with the clothing you choose.

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Matching or Pairing Clothing
Q What article of clothing should I match my socks with?
Q Should my belt match my shoes?
Q What color trousers should I wear with my navy blazer?
Q How do I pick a tie to wear with a patterned shirt?
Q What is the correct width for a tie?
Q How should I tie my tie?
Q What are the different shapes of bow ties?
Q What should I look for in a quality necktie?
Q At what length should I have my trousers finished?
Q What is the correct height of a cuff?
Q Should I buy trousers with or without pleats?
Formal Wear Etiquette
Q On which occasions am I required to wear a tuxedo and on which am I required to wear tails?