Our Sport Shirts in traditional patterns, are always made to the same exacting standards as our dress shirts. Produced in the same artisan old world American and Canadian workrooms, to the exact same specs, they differ only in that we sometimes size them in a range of Medium, Large and Extra-Large, rather than in collar and sleeve sizes. Even that exception evaporates when the fabric of the shirt is in an exceptionally high thread count, and is such a versatile pattern that it might work well with a necktie. Typically, sport shirts in traditional plaids and checks, or those in brushed cotton, or bold tattersalls are candidates for M-XXL sizing. These patterns are not candidates for a necktie, and for that matter, never find the top button closed. We offer an exceptionally fine range of sport shirts, with fabrics all woven in Italy from 2-ply 100's or 120's thread count cotton.