Pocket Squares are the finishing touch for every gentleman. It is a small item with a large impact. Of course, braces and cufflinks and watches are important accessories, but a handsome pocket square is ideally situated to bring attention to the necktie, and thus the face, and the color story of the apparel worn. It adds flourish and flare, and yet need never be overstated. It is best when it highlights a color in the necktie, although it should never be matched to the tie pattern. Sometimes white is appropriate, especially when understatement is called for, and when the shirting is white, or the suit is traditional and conservative. It can be worn as a square, especially if linen; and it is handsome as a puff in printed silk or silk and wool. Sometimes it is best when folded in peaks, as our convenient pre-folded linen squares. Of course, it is just for show, and the one in your pants pocket is the one you use out of neccessity.