Custom Offerings - Custom Accessories

Our clients draw on our design and production capabilities, while enjoying our company's heralded service. Bring us your logo, seal, colors, or any aspect of your graphic identity, and allow us to show you how we can satisfy your development or corporate needs with a product your membership will be proud to wear.

Mr. Ben Silver in the beginning.

SILK NECKWEAR: A Ben Silver tie will be worn proudly, not hidden in the closet to gather dust. This is because each tie is entirely handmade of the finest pure English silk as befits the importance of your affiliations. Vibrancy of color and the “hand” of the silk are both unique to Ben Silver cloth. Our cutter cuts and makes the ties the old-fashioned way: by hand and slip-stitched. Once we have created the very finest silk handmade neckwear for your organization, you will enjoy seeing your colors in other accessories such as bow ties or formal wear sets cut from the same silk!

SILK SCARVES: Our newest printed silk scarves also provide women with a way to show their colors with pride.