Our History - Today & The Future

Today, the Ben Silver Collection is a tribute to classic style. Refined and tasteful clothing and accessories provide a distinguished wardrobe for gentlemen who enjoy the added dash of updated color. The selection of striped neckwear is the finest and the largest in the world; the selection of other woven and also printed neckwear is exquisite and unique. Fine shirtings have grown to be a major focus of the business. Blazers are still a staple, as are traditional tweed jackets and classic suites cut in fabrics from finest Italian and British mills. Handsome outerwear, fine shoes and socks, evening attire, elegant cufflinks and other tasteful accessories are also included in the collection. Our unique selection of women’s tailored clothing is an updated expression of timeless style. Ben Silver is also known for an exceptional collection of classically styled tortoise shell and other eyeglass frames.

The Tie of Today and the Future.

"The selection of striped neckwear is the finest and the largest in the world..."

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The flagship Ben Silver retail store in Charleston has become a Mecca for sophisticated men and women. The mail order catalogs and website now reach a wide audience of aficionados of classic, elegant and tasteful clothing. More than four million Ben Silver Collection catalogs are mailed annually to customers worldwide. In addition to its clothing catalogs, Ben Silver also mails a catalog of unique classic eyewear, and another catalog focused on fine shoes, socks and leather goods. Throughout the growth of the company, the family, now in its third generation, has remained true to the heritage of its founder, Mr. Ben Silver, in their commitment to quality, service and classic style.