O42- Old Yardley

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Leaf green, Medici rose, and saffron.
Necktie Care

Carefully untie your tie when you remove it. It should come off the same way it went on, in reverse. Pulling the knot loose will tear the neckpiece, the third part of the tie construction. Hang it in your closet, unless it is a knit, which you should roll. A silk tie will lose its wrinkles if it is given rest in your closet and the help of gravity. Ties cannot be dry-cleaned, cannot be washed, and cannot be pressed. Either cover your tie when you eat, or prepare to replace it when it is soiled.

About Our Regimental Neckwear

We are delighted that the well-dressed American gentleman has rediscovered the brightly colored striped necktie, known around the world as the British Regimental.

Striped neckwear originated with the purpose of showing the wearer's academic, professional or social affiliations, whether preparatory school, university, club or military. These neckties have always been the hallmark of classic style and good taste.

Once upon a time, when Britannia ruled the world, these neckties were symbols of exclusivity recognized by those in the same social milieu and their distribution was limited. But for the past number of years, countless patterns once limited to the few, have been available to all. So, if you are looking for the finest and most extensive selection of colorful and classic stripes, your search is over! We have been offering authentic British regimental neckties to Americans for 30 years! Our collection is the largest in the world.

You will find each historic necktie pattern unique in its design, color and affiliations. Because most of the stripes have historical meaning and significance, the color combiniations are enormously varied, and remarkably distinctive.

Our requisite "repp" silk is woven in England, at ninth generation silk mills, to our demanding specifications, then cut and made by hand and slip-stitched. We use the very finest quality woven silk, with a high number of piques per inch, which is what accounts for the vibrancy of the color, and the hand of the silk, both unique to Ben Silver neckwear. We are careful to line our ties properly so that they knot perfectly for a four-in-hand or a half-Windsor knot. Striped ties are 3 1/4 inches wide and 57 inches long, the timeless length and width of a repp tie; but all designs are available in a 61 inch length (extra long) upon request.

Leaf green, Medici rose, and saffron.
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