Four-in-Hand Step 1

Place the necktie around your neck with the broader end on your right. It must hang lower down than the narrower end.

Four-in-Hand Step 2

Take the broad move it left and across the narrow end, holding the narrow end in your left hand. Now pass the broad end around the narrow end.

Four-in-Hand Step 3

Pass the broad end around the narrow end so that it is lying on the left again. The shape of the knot is beginning to materialize.

Four-in-Hand Step 4

Pass the broad end underneath the half-formed knot. Then pull the whole of the broad end through to the front.

Four-in-Hand Step 5

Pass the broad end of the necktie between the layer of the knot which is now on top and the layer directly underneath it, and pull the broad end through.

Finished Four-in-Hand

Hold the narrow end of the tie firmly and slowly tighten the knot. Do not forget to button your shirt.